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William H. Nesbitt, CPP

​William H. Nesbitt, CPP, began his secu­Nesbitt - CPP profile 07-16.jpgrity career most un­expectedly. Edu­cated and trained as a psychologist, Nesbitt first went to work for the Job Corps program in Omaha, Nebraska, and later Baltimore, Maryland. When the program that employed him was defunded, Nesbitt moved on to the men's penitentiary in Baltimore, where he screened inmates and matched them with appropriate vocational training programs.

During his daily commute, he noticed a series of uniformed officers passing in and out of a building across the street from his home. One day, on a whim, he entered the building to inquire. Much to his surprise, he was offered a job then and there, and began working part-time for the guard company International Security Corporation. Eventually, he accepted a full-time management position, and after four years, he left to start his own guard company. Later, Nesbitt sold his thriving business and went to work for ADT as a sales manager for Wisconsin and Northwestern Illinois, and after several years, also managed the Los Angeles office of Honeywell Protection Services.

In 1989, he established his consultancy Security Management Services, Inc. Today, Nesbitt's time is dedicated to his business and to serving as an expert witness in court. A typical day for Nesbitt may consist of reviewing legal documents, field work, and writing proposals and reports.

Nesbitt joined ASIS International in January 1973. He credits much of his career advancements to ASIS education programs and networking with his peers in the industry. "The best ASIS program I took part in was the ASIS/Wharton Program for Security Executives," which Nesbitt completed in 2008. "The professors were outstanding."

Nesbitt, who now proudly boasts that he has the confidence and ability to effectively present a cost-benefit analysis for security to any CEO, states, "At Wharton, I learned how to speak in a language that is relevant to the C-suite."

Back in 1978, Nesbitt was among the first to take the Certified Protection Professional® (CPP) exam. "The CPP credential is highly respected and valued," Nesbitt states. "It conveys my competence as a security management practitioner. As an expert witness and consultant, it gives my testimony and recommendations a higher level of credibility."

Security management was a career of "happenstance," says Nesbitt. Nonetheless, after more than four decades in the profession, he takes every opportunity to recommend the field to others he meets and advises colleagues to achieve ASIS board certification.