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Scott Fischer, PSP

​Before entering a career in private security, Scott T. Fischer, PSP, was deeply entrenched in his military career in the Air Force, which he joined in 2007.

As an airman, Fischer took advantage of the military’s education benefit and training opportunities to develop his professional knowledge and skills. While on active duty, he earned an associate’s degree in criminal justice and then a bachelor’s degree in security management. He later earned an MBA in global business management as well as ASIS International’s Physical Security Professional® (PSP) designation.

Fischer’s eagerness to cultivate his professional ken also spurred him to earn other accreditations, including certification as a Krav Maga military instructor, an Air Force Sniper, and a member of the Army Special Reaction Team.

Fischer’s military career ended in April 2013 as a staff sergeant for the 27th Special Operations Security Forces Squadron. The next month, he moved to the Washington,  D.C., region.

A year before leaving the Air Force, Fisher had joined ASIS so he could discover the best ways to transition into the private security sector. “I entered private security with an extensive  military security background and formal education, but with minimal corporate security experience,” says Fisher. “Despite my background, I found that professional networking was essential to enter into the security management field.”

It was his ASIS membership and involvement with the National Capital Chapter that provided  him with invaluable social networking opportunities. “The most promising interviews during my job hunt occurred as a direct result of contacts that were made at National Capital Chapter meetings, one of which landed me with Admiral Security Services,” said Fisher.

In October 2013, Admiral Security Services hired Fischer as an account manager. By the next summer, Fisher was transitioned into a new role as a portfolio manager responsible for overseeing the security services at multiple  commercial office buildings around the Washington, D.C., area. Fisher notes that working in securing buildings in the nation’s capital brings with it an unusual new task for him, but one that is normal for the area: dealing with protest activities.

One other component that Fisher highlights as key to landing his first private sector position was earning his PSP board certification in 2013. “The certification demonstrates to employers and clients that I understand physical security,  and I have the necessary drive to complete goals. It also reinforced that I am dedicated to lifelong learning and I will not allow my knowledge to become outdated.”

In comparing the two stages of his life work, would Fisher recommend security management as a career? “I would recommend this field to those who are willing to embrace the challenges and responsibilities that go along with it. It’s a rewarding and challenging field with limitless opportunities, and having a supportive family who understand the 24/7 nature of the job is extremely important.”