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David Feeney, CPP

“A firm understanding of security program management is key to my success,” states David Feeney, CPP, vice president of professional services for D3 Security.

“It is critical for me to understand a day in the life of the security managers whom I support in order to design and provide security solutions to help them.” Feeney manages the client life cycle stages between the sale and ongoing support.

Feeney joined ASIS in 2004 just three years after the events of September 11, 2001, brought him back into the security industry. From 2000 to 2002, Feeney held a nonsecurity related position with Thomson Financial. “I was commuting a couple hundred yards from the Pentagon when the plane hit it on September 11. After witnessing the event firsthand, I consciously decided to re-engage in security management and to dedicate myself to preventing similar consequences in the future.”

It was Feeney’s commitment to his customers that later proved a primary motivator in his decision to earn his Certified Protection Professional® (CPP) in 2012. “The better understanding I have of my customers’ jobs, the more effective I can be in supporting them,” Feeney observes. While Feeney credits his mastery of the certification’s knowledge domains as a significant resource in his work, he also recognizes that his CPP conveys competence and credibility to customers before they even meet him.

His current employer, D3 Security, is a strong proponent and supporter of education and ASIS board certification. “My board certification serves as an internal resource, as well. I see my role as a mentor of sorts. I am working to raise awareness of the value of certification among my coworkers and encouraging others to pursue their own.”

Feeney recommends security management as a profession often. “It is an enormous responsibility, but very rewarding work,” shares Feeney. “Security professionals are in a position to make a difference, and as such have a responsibility to do so. Showing up and living up to that challenge day after day is rewarding on a rare level.”