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Bobby Dominguez, CPP

While in high school, Bobby Dominguez, CPP, wrote a management and accounting program for a property management company, which whetted his appetite for a career in technology. Since then, "I have functioned in almost every IT role, from database and network architecture to program management and leading security teams," he says. 

After a three-decade career in software development, database and network design, and various cybersecurity, physical security, and risk management positions, Dominguez joined Tampa, Florida–based Lynx Technology Partners in April 2015, as chief strategy and security officer. 

 Dominguez reports to the Lynx CEO and works with three teams headed by the chief technology officer, the chief marketing offi­cer, and the security and IT leadership. He admits that he "joined Lynx because there isn't a routine" to his day. Unusual as­sign­ments have included overseeing executive protection and the physical security of company facilities during a riot. He has also faced a distributed denial of service attack and major weather events, as well as active shooter and murder incidents on company property. "They all are chances to test your policies, training, and coordination," he says.

Lynx relies heavily on cloud infrastructure. "The biggest challenge is to stay agile and fluid with the way we implement our security," he says. The goal is to ena­ble employees to "move at the speed of a start-up, but maintain the discipline and pro­cesses required of a more traditional organization," he adds.

Dominguez joined ASIS International in 2005. He views security from a different perspective, he asserts, because he appreciates people who can think from a criminal's perspective. "You can train yourself to think of things outside the box," he says.

Early in his career, Dominguez became involved with ANSI and ISO. "Participating in the process of developing standards broadened my perspective and ability to function outside of the virtual world," he says. Those experiences "helped me understand how to tie physical security and cybersecurity into a holistic approach."

With that background, Dominguez began to consider certification. As a Certified Protection Professional® (CPP), he proved to himself that he had achieved a professional standard and that his capabilities had been validated through a Certification Board. "My goal was personal," he says. "I wanted to understand how to do my job better and prove to myself that I had reached that standard."

Dominguez had already achieved other certifications and knew he had been applying ASIS principles throughout his career. Still, he read the Protection of Assets manual and other works in the body of knowledge. "You have to interpret what you know into the language of certification," he says, "and you have to practice."

The investment has been worth the effort. "It has given me a foundation for communicating principles with a formalized language," he says. Dominguez also believes certification keeps him from becoming complacent because it requires continuous learning and staying on top of evolving threats, new technologies, and best practices.

Dominguez's employer also supports certification. Ultimately, he says, "Certification gives us a competitive advantage and shows our commitment to staying on top of standards and the changing nature of security."