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I recently retired from Federal Law Enforcement and just obtained a CPP certification and would like to obtain a position in Corporate Security. I presently live in the Metro Atlanta area. I know networking is the way to go, however, is there any additional information that you can provide?


Networking is critical as many roles are filled by word of mouth; they may not be advertised anywhere other than on a company portal. Be sure to regularly check the Career page on local employers’ websites and apply only for those roles for which you are truly qualified and meet the stated requirements. When there is an option to submit your resume through the company portal for general purposes, take a few minutes to think about what you’ve done that is relevant to the companies’ needs and operations. Tailoring the resume takes time but it will help you put your best foot forward.

You also need to send connection invitations on LinkedIn to target companies’ HR representatives (also called Talent Acquisition) to let them know you are very interested in their company and live in the area. Being in the right place can be half the battle. Keep an eye out for any job fairs that draw multiple local employers to one location and attend those. Bring copies of your resume and wear a business suit. Meet as many people as you can.