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I’m a recently retired Police Officer with nearly 25 years on the job.  I worked in physical security as a Military Policeman for four years.  The physical security position required a security clearance.  I was responsible for the CCTVs and perimeter and interior security detection equipment.  I was responsible for scheduling a guard force of 30-60. After I got out I became a Police Officer and served in a variety of roles, everything from plain clothes narcotics investigations, to tactical street crimes unit, to crime scene investigator.  I hold a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Admin and Management.  I am three classes away from my Master's degree in Administration of Justice and Security Global/ Homeland Security.  In both the Military and Police Department I have worked personal protection details, as well as in a training and supervisory capacity.  What type of need is there in a managerial or director position with some one of my skill set?


There are typically many fewer management and director level roles than there are individual contributor and/or manager roles. For that reason, you should look for hands-on roles where you can ‘get your foot in the door’ and learn how corporate security works. You will find it is different than law enforcement. Policing does not equal corporate security so any employer will need to know that you understand the difference. Your Master’s program should help you make that argument. Highlight relevant course work in your resume and see if your professors can give you practical advice and make introductions within their private sector networks.

As you think about your transferable skills, emphasize your project, people and budgetary management experience, as well as your broad investigative experience. Be sure to stress that you do not need to be the boss; that you just want to contribute to the mission of corporate security by protecting people, operations, reputations, and assets.