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I have over a decade of experience in commercial security and training and now I feel pigeonholed because I’m in nuclear security.  Any advice?


​Experience in a niche industry can be limiting because we live in an era of specialization. Potential employers may not realize what you can do for them if you do not explicitly communicate your value proposition. You will have to make the case for your suitability on the front end, in order to even be considered.

The best way to make the argument that your skills and experience are relevant in other settings is to use a functional, or skills-based, resume. You can find examples of this format online. Most present your capabilities in skill groupings such as Program Development/Management, Security Technology, Security Standards/Measurement, Investigations, etc.

This format puts that information first and your employment history follows. The hope is that a potential employer will be able to immediately grasp that your experience matches his or her needs. Make sure to use the same approach with your LinkedIn profile and list Security as your industry, not Nuclear Power or Utilities.