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I have 20 years military police experience in the US Marine Corps, plus five years as a Security Director for a high occupancy high rise and six years as an investigation manager for a law firm. I also operated a security/consulting business for three years, which I just made inactive even though it was very successful. I have a Masters in Criminal Justice.  I moved to Europe to with my wife to take care of her mother and I am seeking an international position with a company. I currently instruct online.  What would be the best strategy to get my resume to international companies?


It sounds like you will have some geographic limitations so begin by researching major employers in your area.  Look at the companies' websites, check for suitable jobs in their career portals and upload your resume.  Before submitting your resume, however, be sure to tailor it to the company's articulated needs by highlighting relevant experience. It is critically important that you use the terminology they've used in their job postings.  Security vernacular varies from country to country so use the standard terminology in your new country.  Make sure your resume lists your home address in country so it is clear you reside in the area and note that you are work authorized in your country. 

You should also check LinkedIn for local security groups and local company pages.  These days many employers post jobs through LinkedIn.  At meetings of your local ASIS chapter ask colleagues there for suggestions on local companies they know and could have a low profile and escape your attention.  Also, check the websites of large multinationals to see if they have locations near you.  If they do, research LinkedIn and the ASIS Member Directory to develop potential contacts for direct overtures.