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I am now approaching 25 years of experience in public sector law enforcement and looking very seriously at a second career opportunity. I am still only 47 years of age, with an awful lot of work life ahead of me.  I am currently serving in my second Chief of Police position, and have a solid educational/training foundation. In addition to seeking a CPP certification later this year, I am giving consideration to Masters course work in the Security/Security Management field.   I could obtain a Masters in Criminal Justice, but I am not convinced that would hold more value for me as a private sector security candidate.  
Is there a particular degree program, or degree track, that you believe would be most beneficial to couple with my experience/background?  Would you recommend going the full Masters route, or perhaps a certificate program?


Please note my previous answer about degree programs generally.  You are correct that a Masters in Criminal Justice is not the right choice.  You already have extensive work experience in this area so you would be better served by obtaining a Masters in a new area of study that would add a different dimension to your profile.  If you are technically inclined a degree in Computer Science or Information Systems Management or IT could fit the bill.  Otherwise, a Masters of Business Administration should be considered. Executive MBAs from respected programs are a resume enhancer for the mature professional.

​Once you pick the degree program seek out the college or university with the most rigorous and respected program you can find and access.  Spend your time and money wisely as Masters degrees are not cheap.  A well-chosen certificate program could have some value but you would not derive as much benefit as you would from a Masters degree.