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I’m a green card holder and am authorized to work anywhere in the US.  I am looking for a Security Manager’s job, both in the corporate sector as well as the humanitarian sector.  As a member of ASIS, I have tried on my own but with all my military experience in Pakistan and 22 years of security management in the corporate and humanitarian sectors in the US and elsewhere, I have not been able to get a Security Manager job.  Can you please guide me?


​It’s still very competitive for every security job.  That may be the biggest obstacle you’re facing. While you have a substantial career history, you should ask yourself if your communication skills are sufficiently polished and if you are adequately communicating your understanding of American approaches to corporate security.  Are your answers to the typical interview questions in sync with what US employers want and need?  I would not stress your time in the Pakistani military because you have more recently spent 22 years in the corporate and humanitarian worlds.  That’s what you are selling.  How you sell that, and yourself, will determine your success in landing your next corporate security role.